Clothing & Textile
China is a major producer and seller of textiles, and the testing of textile safety standards has been restricting China's textile exports. Domestic textile standards are also strengthened, so textile testing has become a hot topic in the industry. Currently, the trade of textiles cannot only consider the price and performance of products, but also must pay attention to product safety, environmental protection, corporate social responsibility, and technological development.
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Shoes & Leather Products
In the past, consumers tended to focus on the style and comfort of products when purchasing footwear products, but now the public has gradually begun to attach importance to the functionality, durability, and safety of products. This demand is driving the standards in the footwear supply chain to continuously improve. In order to ensure the health and safety of the public, the relevant regulations of government departments are also increasingly stringent, making manufacturers and suppliers face unprecedented challenges.
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Package Transportation
The rapid development of e-commerce in recent years has changed the sales model of the retail industry. Many products are sold online, and merchants directly distribute their products to consumers through the logistics of e-commerce platforms. This has formed a new e-commerce logistics model. At this time, the safety of packaging and transportation is particularly important, which will directly affect consumer satisfactory on product quality, product damage rate, after-sales service, and loyalty to the enterprise.
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Toy & Children product
As the most intimate partner of children, long-term contact between children and toys means that issues such as their quality and safety have attracted social attention. Many countries have established strict regulations and standards to regulate the safety of toys and baby and child products in their market circulation.
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Restricted substances
In order to protect the safety of consumers and environment, the production and sale of consumer goods in various countries must comply with a number of regulatory provisions and standards, and the updates and changes of these provisions and standards often cause many difficulties for manufacturers and suppliers.
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Consumer Products
Consumer products are closely related to daily life, such as: household appliances, furniture, hardware, toys, musical instruments, ceramics, textiles, paper making, printing, daily necessities, office supplies, cultural goods, sports goods, etc.
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Inspection is a notarized inspection of goods, which is an activity conducted by a third-party inspection agency to inspect and accept the quality of the goods supplied, as well as other relevant items in the purchase and sales contract on behalf of the client or buyer, in order to verify whether the goods meet the contract requirements and other special requirements of the buyer.
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HQTS QA International Service Co., Ltd. (HQTS-QAI) was established in 2003 and headquartered in Hangzhou. It is a comprehensive third-party organization engaged in the quality control and testing service of textiles, toys and children's products, packaging and transportation safety, footwear, food contact materials, housewares and restricted substances. We can provide one-stop quality control solutions for enterprises worldwide.
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