Safety & Compliance

Many nations around the globe now recognize importance of consumer risk and ensuring consumer protection. This has resulted in a broad array of technical and regulatory compliance requirements being placed on consumer goods in nearly all major markets.

Consumer protection is no longer just a matter of compliance; it’s about business sustainability. Businesses who view it not just a mandate, but as an opportunity will thrive. Keeping up to date to date on regulations and affect your products are increasing vital to today’s supply change professionals.

HQTS-QAI can help. We provide a monthly Product Safety Compliance Update (PSCU).

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The PSCU will keep you informed of the industry updates that are vital for your business. Our professional staff of technicians, engineers, and analysts work hard to keep our lab up to date on all issues affecting our customers. The PSCU is a product of that effort, so our customers can stay as current as our staff on safety and compliance issues affecting your business. We invite you subscribe today.