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HQTS-QAI product testing laboratory

Founded in 2003, HQTS-QAI is a USA-China joint venture that operates one of China’s leading privately held testing laboratories. Our lab is accredited to international standards for testing a broad scope of products to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for all major global markets.

Our internationally recognized lab gives you the confidence you need to bring your product to market. Whatever the scope or complexity of your project, you can count on the accuracy and reliability of HQTS-QAI at the most competitive pricing and fastest delivery times in the industry.

With HQTS-QAI, you benefit from the skills and expertise of the industry’s foremost leaders, veteran engineers and award winning staff in or 80,000 sq ft laboratory, centrally located in Hangzhou China. Our personalized approach to delivering fast, accurate, and reasonably priced results has established HQTS-QAI as one of the most respected labs in China.

Our Accreditations

HQTS-QAI central location ensures the fastest turn-around time for your projects. Contact Us today to obtain additional information about how we can help you with your testing needs.