HQTS Group announces new service for CE marking

HQTS is pleased to announce a new service under our factory production control team. This service is the Factory Control Production (FCP) audit. For import into the Euro zone, FCP is the manufacturing standard for products that bear the CE mark. While FCP compliance is self-certified by the manufacturer, there is risk to the importer/buyer if the product has been fraudulently marked.

HQTS’ FPC service verifies your supplier actually complies with FCP standards and CE marking requirements. This service helps to ensure constancy of product performance, verification of the effectiveness of factory production quality control systems, and reduces your risk of importing products and materials that are not in compliance with EU directives.


Factory Production Control (FPC) Overview

FPC is the implementation of manufacturing processes in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 and CE certification requirements. It is designed to ensure production stability to ensure a product conforms to technical specifications and performance characteristics as declared by the manufacturer. While our FPC service is primarily geared to the manufacture of construction products, it can also be tailored to any product that requires the CE mark.

The CE mark is the manufacturer’s declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives. Since CE marking is a self-certification scheme, it is important for importers to have 3rd party verification that the products they buy are actually in compliance.

Whether you are large or small, HQTS can help with your quality control. We provide the people and all the resources of the professionals in our Production Control team to ensure your products meet regulatory and customer requirements. from inspections to testing and factory audits, HQTS is your best choice for fast and accurate results at the right price.