Our professional Staff brings many decades of combined experience in all aspects of industry related testing and quality practices.

Richard Fan Chairman of HQTS-QAIRichard Fan, Founder and President of HQTS Group Limited and Chairman of HQTS-QAI
Richard graduated from the University of Shanghai for Science & Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Instrumentation Engineering. In the quality control industry for more than 30 years, Richard has achieved industry certifications as a National Registered Senior Auditor, National Registered Auditor Training Instructor, and an Enterprise Management Consultant. Before founding HQTS, he was the Deputy Director of Fujian Inspection and Research Institute for Product Quality. He enjoys travelling and studying Chinese history. Richard has worked hard to build an outstanding scientific, technical, and customer service oriented team here at our lab in Hangzhou, and believes management should be the best reflection of what our company has to offer.
neilNeil Peng, Vice General Manager
Neil earned his Doctorate in Applied Chemistry at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He joined HQTS-QAI in 2014 and serves as the senior manager and technical director responsible for daily management of our lab operations. He came to us from Intertek, where he worked as a senior operating manager, safety director, hardgoods & toys’ lab supervisor, among other positions. He was a post-doctoral researcher at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science studying sewage disposal and resources recycling at Chubu University. He also serves as a Senior Engineer, CMA Judge for the Zhejiang Province government. Neil enjoys a variety of sporting activities.
Diana Chen, Vice- General Manager HQTS-QAI testing labDiana Chen, Vice General Manager
Diana joined HQTS-QAI in 2004. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Information Management and Information Systems Technology from the China Jiliang University. With more than 10 years’ experience in quality control, she has a deep knowledge of lab operations, management systems and supporting processes. Her previous experience has resulted in a new level of technical proficiency in our continuing operations, systems and process analysis,  problem solving, and execution of change management.
cathyCathy Ren, Manager – Textiles Department
Cathy earned her Master’s Degree in Textile Engineering from Donghua University. Working in the textile testing industry for many years, Cathy has considerable experience in all aspects of the industry, including being awarded  many honors during her career. She makes a significant contribution to HQTS-QAI as the Lab Manager of our textile testing operations.  She was earned her qualification as Assistant Engineer for Textile Engineering from Nanhai City, Guangdong Province, and is a member of AATCC. She also earned her Internal Auditor Certification.
volcanoVolcano Zeng, Manager – Packaging Department
Mr. Zeng earned his Bachelor’s degree in Packing Engineering from the Hunan University of Technology. Since 2007, he has worked in increasingly visible roles and was recently promoted to Manager of our Packaging Lab, overseeing ISTA, ASTM and GB transport packaging testing standards. In 2014 he earned the CIQA National Import & Export Commodity Inspection and Appraisal Certificate. In 2015 the he obtained the Internal Auditor Certificate issued by the Zhejiang Quality Conformity Assessment Association. Volcano enjoys singing, swimming; football, and other sports.
Hellen Wang, Lab Manager - Footwear - HQTS-QAI footwear testing labHellen Wang, Manager – Footwear Department
Hellen earned her Degree in International Trade from Hunan University. She came to HQTS-QAI in 2015 acquisition of the Dongguan Liwei Footwear lab. She is responsible for day to day management of the footwear laboratory with a focus is on testing management, problem solving, and technical leadership. She also manages our accreditations, regulations, and testing standards for the footwear lab. Hellen enjoys reading, swimming, running, and body building.
bobBob Luo, Manager – Chemical Testing Department
Degree: Bachelor Degree in Food Science and Engineering from the Zhejiang University of Technology. Bob joined the HQTS-QAI team in 2011. From the time be began his career in 2004, Bob has accumulated broad experience in various chemical testing roles including environmental, food and water, and consumer goods testing in a variety of both public sector and private companies. Bob enjoys reading and table tennis.

With HQTS-QAI, you benefit from the skills and expertise of the industry’s foremost leaders, veteran engineers and award winning 80,000 sq. ft. facility centrally located in Hangzhou China. Our personalized approach to delivering fast, accurate, and reasonably priced results has established HQTS-QAI as one of the most respected labs in China.